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How can LOs Improve Their Mortgage Marketing and Selling Effectiveness Every loan originator has one obvious, common goal: growing leads and their business. But not every LO has the right strategy to turn that goal into a reality. Below you’ll find 6 tips from RatePlug to improve your mortgage marketing and selling effectiveness. That’s why, when proactively thinking about growing your customer base, or generating leads, you need to think creatively about how you market yourself. LO Mortgage Sales Tip No. 1: Boost Leads Through Better Marketing In today’s mortgage market, LOs need that “x-factor” to stand out in the crowd. Are you still relying on stagnant, manual emails, generic mass-mailings or even cold calls? If so, stop what you’re doing and invest in mortgage marketing automation tools. From improving referrals from real estate agents or building a simple list ... (more)

Preconfigured Process Apps for Salesforce

WORKFAST PRECONFIGURED BPM, WORKFLOW & PROCESS APPS AND TEMPLATES EXPAND SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR CAPABILITIES Work-Relay, a 100% native workflow and process builder for the Salesforce platform has released more than 30 WorkFast templates that help Salesforce administrators accelerate the development and deployment of workflow applications. The templates can significantly reduce the need for Salesforce Administrators to depend on programmers, and empower them to increase their ability to produce powerful business solutions for their organization. Work-Relay helps business users w... (more)

Human Machines: Your Organization is Under-led and Over-managed

HUMAN MACHINES AND The distinction between management and leadership Applying integrated leadership and organization studies through a psychoanalytical perspective, specifically Freudian ego psychology, Zaleznik (1992) determined derived their influence from talents as opposed to competencies. For Zaleznik the leader’s abilities in  inspiration, vision, and human passion were far more essential than traditional views of management which were rooted an organization’s processes and structures (Zaleznik, 1992). In other words, Zaleznik argues that a leader is not solely (or even pri... (more)

Mortgage Sales and Marketing Tips – Replace Lost REFI Volume

How Lenders Can Leverage the MLS TO Replace Lost REFI VOLUME and Generate More New Home Finance Opportunities Interacting Within the MLS To Boost Your Mortgage Business AND rePLACE LOST REFI VOLUME When it comes to driving more leads, technology isn’t a silver bullet. Relationships and people are the key to more business. But understanding all the available technology and knowing to leverage it can be the first step in generating more business. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s easy for mortgage lenders to miss connections that are easily within their reach. Being connected to re... (more)

6 Marketing Challenges in a Changing Technology World

For shoppers who visited select stores in sunny California last year, they met Pepper. If you had met Pepper, you may have thought you had stepped onto the set of the latest Star Wars movie. Why? Pepper is a robot. She engages humans by responding to their questions, which at times seems conversational. Technology is changing exponentially in real time. It’s why marketing pros know they must stay ahead of the curve on technology, trends, and how it affects their brand or be left behind by competitors. Technology, including its applications in digital marketing and print, has tak... (more)