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The Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans was opened on May 30th, 1930. The multi-purpose 7,853-seat arena is located within Louis Armstrong Park. The venue has a very long and rich history – hosting many concerts and events. The Municipal Auditorium was perhaps best known for hosting many grand New Orleans Marti Gras balls. In August 2005 disaster stuck – the historic auditorium sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Katrina. After Katrina, the future of the Municipal Auditorium was unclear. In the years since Katrina, squatters have inhabited the building. The intruders were able to enter the building by easily removing the wooden panels the city had used to secure the building. Concerned residents worried that the historic structure would catch fire due to the generators being used inside the building by the dozens of squatters. After many complaints and emails fro... (more)

Critical Chain Project Management for

Why do projects often can exceed their planned schedule by 50% to 100%? When pointing the finger of blame, project managers and architects often talk about uncertainty or unforeseen circumstances. Then, to compensate for uncertainty on future projects, managers and project personnel often add additional time to their schedule estimates. Yet even when they do, projects still overrun their schedules. If your teams are stuck behind unreasonable deadlines and you’d like to break free, Critical Chain Project Management may be worth consideration. The Critical Chain Metho... (more)

Collaborative Work Management Software – 6 Threats

Overcoming Project Management Problems – Six Things That Threaten Collaborative Work Management Software Deployments There are plenty of challenges implementing collaborative work management software environment in any organization. When it comes to project management, there are also plenty of pitfalls organization need to avoid in order to resolve problems before they manifest themselves into even larger issues. To better understand the project management problems that organizations must overcome, we’ve broken the issues down into six categories. Task Level Contingencies: How Ta... (more)

Collaborative Work Management – Is it a project or a process?

Labeling Work as a Process or Project? Don’t. Why a process-driven project management is critical to collaborative work management Today’s enterprise business operates fast. Processes are outsourced to other companies across the globe; customers are reached in real-time across many different channels; businesses are constantly adapting to meet these changing market requirements. As the lines continue to blur, businesses often find themselves misidentifying a task as a project (or a process), opting to choose one management tool to plan, execute, manage and analyze work as it flo... (more)

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) Improves Pharma R&D Efficiency

Understanding the need for Dynamic Case Management (DCM) The pharmaceutical industry is systematically inefficient at bringing new drugs to market. Illustrating this point, a recent Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development research report established that the cost of guiding a prescription drug through the development process to market was approximately $2.6 billion. While this is breathtaking, and the $2.6 billion figure has been hotly debated, of greater concern is the fact that correcting for inflation, the cost to bring a prescription drug to market has increased 145 p... (more)